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Equality March and Marathon

The first Equality March in Łódź took place in April 2010, and Łódź itself joined the few cities which marched in that period for equality. The event takes place every year, except 2020 - the association has decided to cancel the event due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every year we march under a different slogan, incl. "Let Live!", " Women of all genders - let's unite!", "Cultural Equality Stable", " We will not let bury our values! We will not let bury equality!", "We check!", "Equality Promotion 100%!" The slogans refer to the political situation in Poland, but also to local events and the history of Łódź, e.g. "Cultural Equality Stable". In the first equality marches, the turnout was 100-300 people, and the marches were accompanied by demonstrations by extreme right-wing organizations. From year to year, more and more people appear on the march and currently, the number of participants is estimated at 2000-3000. We march consistently for equality, with more and more strength and support! 

Equality Marathons are always accompanied by the Łódź Equality Marathon. The week preceding the march itself is filled with a series of queer events, i.e. various types of workshops (makeup, anti-discrimination, sex education, rights of demonstrators, prevention of online violence, etc.), discussions (about transgender, queer artists, other excluded, body positivity, parents of LGBTQ + people, rainbow families, queerism on wheels, feminism, sex toys etc.), lectures and conferences (about queer Łódź or an equal school), movie projections, guided queer tours around Łódź, events (dance, drag queens, concerts, karaoke, picnics, board games, meetings for English-speaking people), joint preparation of banners, living libraries. All of this was and is being organized by a handful of people involved, with the support of volunteers.

Wydarzenia z ostatniego, 10-go Maratonu Równości: