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Edu-posts is a series of educational and informational posts-graphics. All the graphics to date referred to queer-related issues, incl. gender dysphoria, aromaticity, non-binary, asexuality, transgender, micro-inequalities, intersexuality, hate speech, LGBTQ + acronym, polyamory, gender transition, etc. We also asked ourselves a few questions: "When did radical feminists stop fighting for equality?", "Are LGBTQ+ people an ideology?", "Coming out - how to go about it?", "Is there transgenderism by choice?" etc. In addition, we described the history of Pride Month and IDAHOT, and as part of the edu-post, we took an allied stance towards sex workers. Edu-posts is a permanent project that we implement more or less frequently. If you would like us to touch on an interesting but also queer issue - write to us. You can also join the Equality Factory and create an edu-post with us! 

The current list of edu-posts (last update 09/22/2021):