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Queer Children's Book

Together with 100% Mensch we launched a crowdfunding campaign - we raised money to publish children's books with a rainbow family theme by Lawrence Schimel. The books have been banned in Hungary, despite the fact that they are quite ordinary illustrated stories, but.... the children in them have two mums or two dads. We did not want the same to happen in Poland, so we agreed to participate in the project.

The book could be ordered in Polish, German or English. The action was reduced to the principle of "buy one - donate one", which means that for each book purchased on the crowdfunding site, another book was printed in Polish, and then the one in Polish was given to us for free. Most importantly, the books were donated to rainbow families, libraries, organizations and kindergartens.

We share more with organisation 100% Mensch than the "Queer Children's Book" project. The organization is based in Stuttgart - it is located in the partner city of Łódź. At the turn of July and August 2021, a delegation of 8 people from the Equality Factory participated in Stuttgart Pride - at the invitation of 100% Mensch and the Stuttgart City Hall. We hope it was just the beginning of pride exchanges!

Link to a fundraiser