noun / e-qua-li-ty / [ɪˈkwɒl.ɪ.ti]

A state of society where all persons have the same status, rights and opportunities.

Equality Factory Association

An organization for equality, based in Lodz, Poland

We are a grassroot, non-profit, human rights organisation

© phot. Joanna Trejter
Equality Factory (pl. Fabryka Równości), founded in 2009 in Łódź, was established on the basis of a local initiative of the Campaign Against Homophobia. Since then, it has become one of the leading cultural and educational organizations in Łódź and the region, working for the LGBTQ+ community. As one of the most dynamic equality organisations in Poland, we are involved in a variety of activities. These include cultural animation, promotion of acceptance and understanding for non-heterosexual and transgender people, and wide-ranging education programmes on equality and anti-discrimination. Our multi-faceted approach aims to build a more open and compassionate society for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a Poland in which every individual enjoys full civil rights and freedom, regardless of their identity or origin. We strive for an informed society, free from prejudice, discrimination and hatred - a place where everyone can safely express their identity and feel accepted. We strive for reforms in the legal system that guarantee LGBTQ+ people appropriate dignity, protection and support. By promoting tolerance and acceptance and overcoming prejudices and stereotypes against discriminated groups gender, age, religion, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, we build a more just reality. Our activities also include education on human rights, the fight against discrimination and sexual education. We want every person to be able to live in love, dignity and security.

As an equality organisation, we strive to create a society where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of identity or experience. Respect and acceptance of diversity are important to us, and we act in solidarity to support marginalised people. We support education on human rights and equality and the building of conscious societies. We are open to different perspectives and create space for a free exchange of views. Our work is based on the values of democracy, authenticity and integrity, and as volunteers we strive to achieve equality and social justice.

What we do

Our Association undertakes a variety of activities and is involved in a variety of projects, because we believe that our multi-sectional work at the grassroots level will bring the best results.


We undertake activities focused on promoting social, political or cultural change by actively intervening in existing social structures or by creating new initiatives. We fight discrimination and hatred, we fight for human rights, equality and social justice. This form of activity includes, among others, street protests and actions, urban activities, public gatherings and demonstrations or advocacy.


We know that life for LGBTQ+ people in a heteronormative world can be overwhelming, so we support our community from within by running support groups and offering free psychological help – creating a space for queer people to finally feel normal and at ease. A sense of acceptance for each individual is essential.


WWe believe that working at the grassroots level is necessary to build a better tomorrow, which is why we focus on reliable education. We run and organize workshops, trainings and webinars on human rights, queerism, anti-discrimination, volunteering and community activities.